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NBA Legend Michael Jordan practiced with a lot of intensity and there was almost no standing around and smiling. But his concentrated practice produced six championships with the Chicago Bulls. When you trade binary options with a keen sense of devotion, as Jordan did, it will shine through in your performance.
In addition to team practice, Tom Brady (Three-time Super Bowl champ and two-time Super Bowl MVP) watches tape for hours and hours (even more so in the offseason) to develop his uncanny ability to read the defense and execute scoring plays every week.
David Ortiz hits baseballs for a living. "Big Papi" has been a World Series Champion twice and hit 381 home runs – more than any other Designated Hitter. He practiced religiously every day before being signed as a free agent by the Boston Red Sox in 2003. Then in 2004, he was very instrumental in the Red Sox winning their first World Series championship in 86 years.
The noticeable commonality between these champions is that they love what they do and this propels them to work hard and enjoy the challenge and competition.
It is the passion they have for their respective games that makes them easily endure numerous hours of sometimes boring assignments that others may not always like to do like doing drills, tape watching, weight training, etc. To these champion athletes, these tasks are fun!
When someone looks as natural as Michael Jordan with a basketball, or Tom Brady with a football, we think it is because of inborn talent. But this is a fallacy. Greatness in sport, or in any other field, is something that takes years of hard work, attention to detail, and determination.
There will be days when investing and trading can get to you. You might even wonder what you are doing and why can't understand the markets. There will be days when laziness prevails. Reviewing your trades may be the last thing you want to do.
There could be several days like this and this is especially so when you start out. On days like these, it’s the “fun you have with investing” that will keep you going.
Making a great deal of money trading does not require a genius level IQ or an Ivy League education.  You don't have to be SUPERMAN. But you do have to put in the hours and lots of them into  market study, technical analysis, and demo trading to succeed.
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