Hairdresser loses £26,000 by paying her wages into the wrong account each month - and not realising for TWO YEARS. Now bank won't give back her money

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  • Sally Donaldson wanted to pay £1,000 a month into a Nationwide account
  • She mistyped the account number online and it was paid to someone else
  • Mrs Donaldson didn't notice the mistake for more than two years
  • By then the recipient had spent the wrongly paid money
  • Nationwide says that it now cannot retrieve the funds

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    A woman who paid £26,000 of wages into the wrong bank account over two years has been left unable to get her missing money back - after the recipient spent it.
    Hairdresser Sally Donaldson logged onto the joint Nationwide account that she shares with her husband in May 2010 to arrange for £1,000 to be transferred into it from her HSBC business account each month.
    But unbeknown to Mrs Donaldson, although she had entered the correct account name and sort code, she had keyed one digit of the account number incorrectly and the money was sent to the wrong person.

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