Free Lanka Capital Founder and Chairman Kattar Aloysius Dies

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Sep 05, 2013 (SLBO) – In a filing to Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) on today, Free Lanka Capital Holdings (FLCH) said that the group’s Chairman Kattar Aloysius passed away on today (05th September) Morning.
Kattar Aloysius was a pioneer in Sri Lanka’s Dry Fish Trade and said to be the largest Dry Fish exporter in the country.
Kattar Aloysius was the driving force of FCH group when he began work carrying on the business his late father T.P.S Kattar left behind in 1945. Kattar Aloysius in his late teens then formed Free Lanka Dry Fish Stores in the 1950’s and consequent to the nationalization of the Dry Fish Tradesuccessfully secured a Marketing Department Contract for the supply of Dry Fish.
Shortly after, Aloysius was joined by his younger brother Justin who became a member in the family business. Moving away from the Dry Fish Trade, Free Lanka Trading Company was formed in 1960 and began the active import & export business of commodities and indenting of machinery from Eastern European countries. This enabled Free Lanka to establish itself as a sound business enterprise in its own right and was able to construct its first office building at 160/162 Reclamation Road in 1963.
The Company was finally incorporated as a Limited Liability concern in 1970. Due to the volatile political environment which significantly effected business, Free Lanka began representing prestigious world renowned brands such as Magna Welding Rods, Konica X-Ray Films, ZRC, WD 40 and others in the Industrial Products sector and moved on to the Alcoholic Beverage sector by holding the agencies of Camus Cognac, Dewars White Label Scotch Whiskey, among others from the late 70’s.
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